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Serving the Middle Rio Grande Region of Edwards, Dimmit, Kinney, La Salle, Maverick, Real, Uvalde, Val Verde & Zavala.


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A Year of Resilience and Challenge

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Customers,

I am pleased to share with you the 2021 Impact Report for the Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande Board as we move forward to the new challenges that continue into 2022. I am greatly humbled by the tremendous resilience and stepping up by our staff and the employees of our contractor to continue to provide high quality services to our communities in spite of the pandemic. Their dedication to our mission to make a difference in improving the economic prosperity of the region and people’s lives was beyond the norm.

Throughout 2021, our employees and partners worked tirelessly together to

  • Find innovative solutions to expand public access to workforce services at local libraries and various virtual platforms using technology to bridge the social distancing and other safety procedures

  • Help new and existing businesses fulfill staffing needs, and help job seekers gain employment through internet, website and devices to bridge communication with a hybrid approach to service delivery.

  • Provide access to technology for our rural child care centers that struggled to remain open and were able to offset needing to close available child care with additional state and federal resources we received.

Through all these unprecedented challenges we faced as a community our partners, chambers of commerce, economic development corporations, educational institutions, independent school districts, and other partners were together and undaunted to help us meet our mission. We are proud of the work that our collective efforts achieved and for the leadership and guidance that the Chief Elected Officials, Board of Directors, and Committee Members provided us throughout the year. We are now able to look forward with the expectation that the galvanizing of spirit and effort has made us stronger and more confident that 2022 will build on the paradigm shift for the better in the future.



Betty Sifuentes



Elizabeth “Betty” Sifuentes

Executive Director

Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande Board



We work closely with employers to understand the local labor pool and regional opportunities, we provide the resources, intelligence and tools you need to navigate the local market and build your workforce.The vision which the WSMRG Board will pursue in its endeavors is of a region in which all residents have the greatest possible opportunity for full and effective economic participation, private enterprise has the maximum opportunity to grow and develop in an orderly manner, and public services are organized and delivered in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible; a region in which all people have the greatest possible opportunity for economic advancement, businesses have the broadest possible opportunity to grow and develop, and government has the highest possible capacity to provide quality public service without constituting a burden on either the people or the economy.

The mission of Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande (WSMRG) is to assure the creation of a systematic, integrated system within the Middle Rio Grande Workforce Development Area through which its residents have access to quality employment and employment related education and training services, and its employers, public and private, can find skilled and productive workers, access services to upgrade the skills, productivity and competitiveness of incumbent workers, and assistance in creating new and expanded employment opportunities.


The Board has determined that the best way to serve job seekers is to provide employer-driven workforce development services. These services focus on employers' need for a knowledgeable, skillful workforce to help businesses become productive and competitive both locally and in the global market. Job seekers benefit from this perspective as more employment opportunities become available to job seekers through businesses success and growth resulting in increased employer participation in the workforce system and increase employment for opportunities for job seekers. The One Stop Services contractor will be charged with assisting the Board in its implementation of an employer driven One Stop Services.


Unemployment Rate 2023


Job Search

With an in-depth understanding of the local job market and established relationships with local employers, educational institutions and qualified job search support vendors, we provide you with the resources, intelligence and tools you need to succeed.

Child Care Services

Child care-related matters can  affect the daily routine of parents in the workplace. Finding a way to pay for child care so that parents can keep their jobs or train for better jobs is a constant challenge for many working families. Workforce Solutions helps eligible working families pay for child care.

Business Services

We work closely with employers to understand the local labor pool and regional opportunities, we provide the resources, intelligence and tools you need to navigate the local market and build your workforce.

COVID-19 Resources

To preserve public health and safety, we remain here to serve you remotely while our Workforce Solutions offices are temporarily closed to walk-in customers. Learn more about resources for Job Seekers, Parents and Employers.

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