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Job Seeker FAQs

What services does Workforce Solutions provide for job seekers?

  • Job listings

  • Job referrals

  • Resume assistance

  • Veterans services

  • Community resource information

  • Resource center and library

  • Child care information

  • Copier, fax machine, telephone, and computer

  • Internet access

  • Labor market information

  • Career exploration

  • GED information & referral

  • Job search seminars

  • Career planning

  • Occupational training information

  • Access to Vocational Rehabilitation and other partners

  • Assistance is available to veterans, individuals with disabilities and people who have been dislocated from a job.


Does Workforce Solutions provide Unemployment Insurance?

While Workforce Solutions does not provide Unemployment Insurance, we can provide information to help you get online so that you may complete your application at one of our local offices. If you need additional Unemployment Information, please call 1.800.939.6631


How can I receive job training information?

Individuals interested in the Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande's training services should contact the local offices to determine if they are eligible for this service. Workforce Solutions will assist qualifying individuals with the training costs who choose a training program from the targeted occupation list.

What is is a service designed to connect job seekers and employers. As a job seeker, you can easily create your own account, create a resume, and search for all job openings in multiple areas, including those outside of the Middle Rio Grande Region. The staff at any Workforce Solutions office is available to assist you in registering on It is simple to use, and best of all, it is free of charge.


What employment resources does Workforce Solutions provide for those with disabilities?


What are some tips when searching for a job?

  • Register on at no charge

  • Focus your job search and decide which fields you are most interested in pursuing

  • Create profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Although these sites are not available at the Workforce Solutions offices, you can easily access them at home or other public sites such as the library

  • Connect with your contacts. Connect with people you know to make them aware that you are seeking a new job

  • Use the resource office at Workforce Solutions offices, which give you access to computers, supplies, and one-on-one assistance

  • Create a list of companies you are interested in and research them

  • Find job listings on job search engine sites, newspapers and company websites (and don’t forget

  • If you land an interview, be sure to research the company before you go, and dress appropriately

What are some tips when preparing for a job interview?

  • Remember the interview begins long before the actual, spoken interview takes place. You are being evaluated with every contact (resume, cover letter, email, phone call, etc.)

  • Please ensure you have a reliable method of leaving messages for potential employers and ensure your answering machine/service has a professional sounding message

  • Many employers will give you a job description prior to the interview. This will give you another chance to interact with the person who will be interviewing you and give you some meaningful information about the expectations of the position

  • Show you have prepared for the interview – visit the library ahead of time, go to their website, read their annual report, etc.

  • Dress professionally

  • Expect situational questions and prepare for them ahead of time

  • Prepare any questions you may have about the position

  • The interviewer is aware you are likely to be nervous; they do take this into consideration

  • If more than one person is interviewing you, remember to address everyone who is interviewing you

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