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Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande is governed by the Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande Development Board.


Board membership requirements:


The Workforce Middle Rio Grande Board is required to have representatives from a wide spectrum of businesses and organizations that provide knowledge and input regarding the workforce development needs and issues in our area.  Most of the members, 51%, must represent the private sector and 15% must come from community-based organizations and organized labor. At least ONE of the members must have expertise in early childhood education and ONE must be an honorably discharged veteran.  Members represent the following:


  • Private sector

  • Organized labor and community-based organizations (CBOs)

  • Education

  • Public employment service (TWC)

  • Vocational rehabilitation

  • Public assistance

  • Economic development

  • Local literacy councils

  • Adult basic and continuing education

Our Board is led by:

  • Laura Lopez, Zavala-Private Sector (Chairperson)

  • Mario Obregon, Maverick-Private Sector (Vice Chairperson)

  • Alfredo Hesles, Maverick-Private Sector (Secretary)

  • Arturo A. Sanchez, Jr., Val Verde County-Labor Representative (Treasurer)

  • Cecil T. Snowden, La Salle County-Private Sector (Parliamentarian)

  • Elizabeth Sifuentes, Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande (Executive Director)


Other Board Members include:

  • Joe Barker, Uvalde - ABE

  • Arturo Gonzales, Zavala - CBO

  • Jorge Olivas, Maverick - CBO

  • Mandy Benavides, State - Public Assistance

  • Dr. Hal Harrell, Uvalde - Literacy

  • Juan Martinez, Uvalde - Private Sector

  • Joel Barajas, Zavala - Private Sector

  • Glenn Bradley, Real - Private Sector

  • Blanca Larson, Val Verde - Private Sector

  • Aaron Pulsford, Uvalde - Private Sector

  • W.B Sansom, Real - Private Sector

  • Leonel "Leo" Martinez, Val Verde - Private Sector

  • William Shannon, Maverick - Private Sector

  • Alfredo Hesles, Maverick - Private Sector

  • Dr. Thomas Matula, Uvalde - Education

  • Rogelio Gonzalez, Val Verde - Education

  • Michael Rodriquez, Uvalde - Education

  • David Puente, Uvalde - Labor

  • Alvaro "Al" Arreola, Val Verde - Economic Development

  • Timothy Grant, State - Public Employment

  • Jose Luis Barajas, Zavala - Private Sector

  • Monica Gonzales, State - Rehab

  • Jaime Rodrigo, Dimmit - Private Sector

  • Jose Jaime Rodriguez, Maverick - Private Sector

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