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Workforce Solutions can provide the following benefits for all individuals looking for a job:

  • Job listings

  • Job referrals

  • Resume assistance

  • Veterans services

  • Community resource information

  • Resource center and library

  • Child care information

  • Copier, fax machine, telephone and computers

  • Internet access

  • Labor market information

  • Career exploration

  • GED information & referral

  • Job search seminars

  • Career planning

  • Occupational training information

  • Access to Vocational Rehabilitation and other partners

  • Assistance is available to veterans, individuals with disabilities and people who have been dislocated from a job. Please see the resource section for more information

  • Information about fidelity bonding for ex-offenders

  • Wage claim assistance

  • Local Educational Resources


Unemployment Insurance

While Workforce Solutions does not provide unemployment insurance, we can provide information to help you get online so that you may complete your application at one of our local offices. If you need additional unemployment information, please call 1.800.939.6631.


Unemployment insurance orientation sessions are offered to all unemployment insurance claimants. The orientation presents information about the services available at the Workforce Solutions offices, resources for job searches, and directions and tips for completing a good resume in


Group sessions are provided at the larger Workforce Solutions offices. Individuals in rural communities can access the information via telephone with the local Workforce Solutions office or through the UI link. Contact the local Workforce Solutions office closest to you for more details.


Click here for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits online

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