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Employer FAQs


What employment resources are available to businesses?

Workforce Solutions can help businesses find qualified candidates who are trained and equipped with the right skills. We also assist in recruiting and training. We strive to customize our service to your individual needs. Below are just a few of the services we provide to businesses:

  • Recruiting, screening and referral to open positions (Basic Services)

  • Testing for potential hires and current employees (Customized Services)

  • Consulting on topics such as hiring/firing, Equal Opportunity/ADA, turnover analysis, salary and benefits, unemployment insurance, job skills analysis, staff development

  • Rapid Response services assist with lay off situations by providing assistance to the employees who will be let go

  • Shared Work assistance

  • Finding resources for training new and current employee

  • Providing information about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which reduces a private, for profit business’ federal tax liability if the business hires from a target population


What tools are available to manage unemployment benefit claims?

What resources are available to assist in upgrading staff skills?

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